Want to look & feel your best in your clothes?
Make the right impressions?
Radiate confidence?
Have a wardrobe that inspires you & feels
authentically yours?
Level up in your career?

This is all possible!
And I'm here to help

If any of these sound familiar, let's fix it!
You have a big wardrobe, but have 'nothing to wear' every morning. You don't know how to create outfits out of what you own.
When you think of shopping it just brings stress and overwhelm, and you don't know where to start, where to shop, and how to pick out of all that endless choice.
You know how you want to look, but don't know how to express it with clothes. And you feel that there is a huge gap between how you look and how you feel.
You wear the same type of clothes, colors and silhouettes all the time, and you feel bored with your look.
Who will benefit the most from 1-1 styling?
You've shopped yourself, spent loads of time, wasted a lot of money only to come back to a closet which doesn't work for you, the pieces don't mix with each other and you stick to the same outfits that you've outgrown. Let's work together and change that!

My clients come from different fields & countries, they are at various stages of their life and have diverse style preferences, but these are the 3 most common client personalities I often work with.
You want to level up your career and your outfits have to demonstrate the pro that you are.

You need a wardrobe, which is professional, yet stylish, not boring, and you want ready-to-use outfits, so no time is wasted in the morning.
You are a face of your business, and you need your style to represent your brand not only in those brand photoshoots, but in an everyday & business life too.

Your image is the embodiment of your work, and it has to be on point.
New Mom
Your lifestyle has changed, and your wardrobe needs to catch up because you are not willing to settle for sweatpants all day.

You need comfy & stylish outfits for your every day life, so you feel and look the woman you want to be.
VIP Intensive
Need some 1-1 time with me as your personal stylist & style coach for any of your style and image-related questions?

A 3-hour consulting & coaching intensive is here for you to sort out any style questions you may have.

This option is for you if
  • you want exclusive attention and individual work with Nina and this session fully tailored to you and your needs
  • you like to move fast and want very focused advice and coaching on the style questions specific to you
  • you may want to expand the scope of the session beyond style & wardrobe (ie, brand positioning, creating a signature style for your media & online presence)

In the Virtual VIP Intensive we can cover anything:
  • Your body type & which silhouettes to choose for you
  • How to style certain items in your closet
  • Pick a specific outfit for an event with me
  • Any other personal style & image questions you may have

How it works:

1. Please schedule a suitable time, pay the service fee to confirm your time slot.
*If you can't find a suitable time, please send a message to hello [@] ninawalder.com

2. My team will get back to you to fill in the Questionnaire for the VIP Intensive, so you can get the most value out of it.

3. The 3-hour intensive will be held on the same day, and will be split into two 90-minute sections with a 30-minute break in between.

3. The call will take place on Zoom on the scheduled time (you can show me your outfits, your closet, send me pics, etc. during the call)
The call could be recorded, so you can rewatch the replay at your convenience after.

4. For 10 days following the VIP Intensive, you can have Voxer (audio/written message) support from Nina for any follow up questions.

Price - $4997 $2997 (all prices are in USD)

My clients are happy with their looks & their wardrobe 🥰
Sasha B.
Finance Manager, Mom, Netherlands
2 weeks before my Caribbean vacation, I realized that I have nothing to wear and I needed help. I immediately thought of Nina and we quickly arranged a call to discuss all my style needs, Just a few days later I had a really nicely made capsule proposal and 1.5 weeks (when all the packages arrived) I was all set to go on vacation!

Nina managed to put together a great capsule (absolute majority of the items were a perfect match on first attempt) while working cross-border, off-season and under time constraints! I appreciate her kind follow up and honest opinion. Thank you, Nina, you are a star, and I hope to work with you again in the future!

Services used: Online Personal Shopping for Vacation Capsule, Online Personal Shopping for Spring-Summer season Capsule
Angela S.
IT professional, Spain
It was such a joy to work with Nina! She is a great personal stylist. She built the whole shopping experience around my preferences and gave perfect recommendations about the style, color and fabric.

During wardrobe revision, she helped me to style things up in a way that I like but wouldn't do myself.
During shopping, we got some nice wearings and I totally enjoyed the process of trying on new things with her. Thanks a lot for everything!

Services used: Wardrobe Edit, Personal Shopping in Valencia
Margo M.
Full-time Mom, USA/Spain
It was a pleasure working with Nina. I shared with her what type of outfits and vibe I was looking for, my concerns for comfort & style. She helped me choose several amazing outfits complete with accessories in a record time.

I was especially impressed how Nina pre-selected all of the pieces ahead of time and I just had to try them on. Everything went very quick, very smooth, I loved most of the clothes, the colors she picked for me were amazing (never wore them before, but I loved them). I would love to shop with Nina again.

Services used: Personal Shopping in Valencia
"I feel so put together, my body looks amazing in clothes now, and I'm very very happy and confident wearing all my new outfits".

Sabba is a lawyer from London, went through personal changes and she wanted her outfits to reflect her new confident and happy state.

We've worked together on putting a fall-winter capsule for her (you will see some of her outfits in the video), and she shared her experience of working with a personal stylist (me!).
Sabba, a lawyer from London, talks about her experience of working on her style
Nadine J.
Management Consultant, Germany
Nina was recommended to me by one of her clients and my friend. I'm personally not so much into fashion, but for my work it's important that I create a good impression with my appearance, and since I don't have much time, nor desire to do shopping myself, I applied for her services.

Let me tell you - it's been my best investment so far! I was impressed how she could understand me and what I need, and pick something that would work so well. I loved the pieces she choose for me (I tried the brands I never heard of, but their quality was outstanding), and my overall wardrobe. Should have done that much earlier! Highly recommend if you are willing to have functional wardrobe.

Services used: Online Style Consultation, Online Personal Shopping
Rebecca F.
Entrepreneur, USA
I reached out to Nina among many other stylists with the request to create a set of outfits for the upcoming photoshoot for my personal brand. During the initial call, I was stunned with her sharp recommendations - she grasped my concept right away and pointed out a few things for the photoshoot that I didn't even think of.

I really liked the capsule she prepared for me - on point with my brand, location, and my vision. I couldn't have chosen those pieces myself and in such a short time.
Our collaboration was smooth, pleasant and productive, will definitely get back to her for future work.

Services used: Online Personal Shopping for Brand Photoshoot
Xenia A.
Investment Manager, Switzerland
I have a very big closet and I love fashion, but I always wear only a small part of my clothes because I stick to default choices. I was curious to see whether we can work online and do something with my closet.

My assistant took all the pictures of my clothes, and Nina created new stunning outfits for me. Was pretty impressive. She gave me the list with what I was missing, thus we shopped a bit more together.

Thank you for your work and professionalism, it was a real pleasure working with you, you've helped me create my dream wardrobe and make a system out of it. Will come back!

Services used: Wardrobe Edit, Online Personal Shopping
About Nina Walder
Hi! My name is Nina.
I'm super excited to guide you on this style journey.

As a personal stylist and creator of online program Style Accelerator, I've helped hundreds of women transform their lives through better style. It is my true passion to help women look and feel their absolute best.

And I'm happy to share my exact framework of developing a unique personal style with you.

In a nutshell:
  • Certified fashion stylist and image-consultant
  • Creator of the online program Style Accelerator
  • My motto: style over fashion, less clothes more outfits. Style has to be practical & personal.
  • Originally from Moscow, Russia, the past 10 years I've lived and worked in 15 different countries & cities (from Sao Paulo to Paris to Ho Chi Minh City), now based in Spain
More on my story in the highlight "My story" on IG here
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