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Want to look & feel your best?
You want to express on the outside the successful confident woman
that you are.
So you can show up in your business or job even more powerfully.
Radiate confidence for whatever your day brings.
Dress up with ease and joy whether it's an important work event, a surprise date or a casual meeting with friends.

This is all possible. And it starts with your style & wardrobe transformation.
Ready to shine inside & out?
I work with high-achieving women virtually worldwide, helping them supercharge their style, image & wardrobe for next level success with my unique method.

We're talking about style that doesn't just make you look like the best version of you – it's also about making you feel great and more YOU.
It's the secret asset that helps you nail your goals faster (like that career upgrade, drawing in the love of your life, or whatever else you've set your sights on!). All the while, you're crafting an image that's unmistakably you, and turning making the whole process of getting dressed easy, efficient
& joyful for any occasion.
Shake things up with your own wardrobe and create new & exciting outfits with these formulas from my self-study online course.
The ultimate course to dress your unique body in any shape, size and height with love, ease & confidence.
My signature high-touch program to level up your style and self-image. You will make style your secret asset and source of power for every area of life.
Let me help you curate an impeccable style for your life & business.
A 3-hour consulting & coaching intensive to sort out any style questions you may have.
Not sure where to start?
Start with these transformative style series
Transformative Training & Outfits Review series
to skyrocket your style, image and wardrobe
with Nina Walder
My goal is to help you look as good as you feel inside.
Together we can create a unique style and image to match your success. And make getting dressed for any occasion easy, joyful & quick.
Hundreds of style transformations & happy clients
Have we met yet?
Hi! My name is Nina Walder.
I'm super excited to welcome you here and guide you on this style journey.

As a personal stylist and creator of online style programs, I've helped hundreds of women achieve their next level success through better style & intentional wardrobe. It is my true passion to help women look and feel the most confident and best version of themselves.

In a nutshell:
  • Certified fashion stylist and image-consultant
  • Creator of the online Style Accelerator
  • I believe a great style is available for any woman - no matter body size or shape, where you live or where you shop, or anything else. It is a skill that you can develop and use to your advantage.
  • Entrepreneur with 10 years of experience, holder of Bachelor's and Master's in International Business, so I understand the power of style in business and use it every day myself-)
  • More on my story in the About page >
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