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Style Accelerator

Supercharge your style & wardrobe in 6 weeks:
from "nothing to wear & bored with my look"
to the confident woman's style & endless outfit options

What's in Style Accelerator?
5 Modules to Supercharge Your Style
Each module contains 2-4 super practical lessons in video format. You will learn timeless style principles, which will help you put together effortless outfits every time.

You will also have digital workbooks with all material for future reference.
Practical Style Assignments
You will put into practice all that you've learned right away with fun and enjoyable practical assignments (you will love them!) - from creating totally new outfits out of what you own to decluttering your closet.

You will get personalised feedback
on your assignments.
Weekly Coaching Calls with Personal Stylist Nina Walder
Take everything a step further and discuss any remaining style questions in weekly calls. These support and motivational calls will ensure you transform your wardrobe and style.

You will get to ask anything about your style & outfits in the calls!
By the end of Style Accelerator you will
Create Your Own Capsule Wardrobe
Yes! You will be able to create such a wardrobe where everything is to mix & match, and maximise your number of outfits. Say hello to endless & cool outfits options.
Learn to Wear Color Like a Pro
Whether you want to wear lots of color, or want to introduce just a few colors into your wardrobe, now you will know how.
Create Outfits Which Flatter Your Body
All bodies are beautiful, but not all the clothes are right for your body. Now, you will spot those that make you look amazing.
Approach Your Style as a System
No more wasting time and money on random clothes (that don't even make you happy). You will become confident picking the clothes and outfit right for you every single time.
Style Accelerator
The program starts 16 of August, 2021.
REGISTRATION CLOSES at 23:59 EST on 15/08/21
Style Accelerator Program
Week 1:
In this module you will lay the foundation for your next level style:
- you will identify the core of your unique style, in the context of what feels good to you and what works for you & your every day life (not just on special occasions!),
- you will get clarity and vision around your desired style.
Week 2:
If you ever doubted how to step away from all black outfits in your wardrobe, pick colors that look good on you and how to wear color elegantly, this module is for you:
- you will identify your color palette (aka your best colors)
- learn to wear color & mix colors in your outfits with ease & confidence (my secret methods beyond the color wheel theory).
This is a very juicy module.
Week 3:

Knowing how to pick the clothes that fit your body and highlight your best features is very powerful. You don't need to wait for perfect body, you just need to pick the right clothes for you:
- you will learn how to determine and understand your body type,
- which silhouettes to pick for your body to play up your favourite features,
- and you will know what clothing pieces to avoid.
Week 4:
You will go through your closet, declutter and revise what's to stay and what's to go.
Plus, you will incorporate a couple of styling hacks, which will transform completely how you approach your wardrobe.

As part of the style challenge you will get my best advice on how to create fresh & stylish outfits out of your own closet. And you will get to create new outfits out of your closet using everything you've learned before too!
Week 5:
If you ever wanted to have a super efficient wardrobe, where everything is to mix and match, and you have a great variety of outfits, then you are going to love this module!
- you will learn and create a capsule wardrobe for you (hint: you will love this exercise)
- get to know 7 stylist hacks to put together a chic outfit.
Say hello to endless outfits in your wardrobe!
Week 6:
You will get to learn about those finishing touches that make a difference to your style - from accessories to hair & make-up.
BONUSES - total value of €496
You will get access to my style secrets on these key topics:

1. ACCESSORIES - €199 value
Accessorizing is key to having a put-together look and you will learn how to pick the right accessories for you. How and where to shop for right accessories.

2. MY RULES FOR SHOPPING - €99 value
I will share personal stylist's shopping hacks, which will save you time & money, whether shopping online or off-line. You will know how to shop smart & will stop buying without any system.

3. HAIR & MAKE-UP - €99 value
Learn the key principles when it comes to your hair & make-up, which would complement your natural beauty & go together with your style.

4. DRESS FOR THE CAMERA - €99 value
Discover style secrets to look incredible on camera, whether for a video or a photoshoot.

Here is a sneak peak at Style Accelerator platform:
What my clients and students are saying:
Are you sharing the same philosophy?
over trends or brands
Are you overwhelmed by all the trends and clothes that are available and not sure what works for you?

It doesn't have to be like that. When you develop your unique personal style, you know what works for you and your lifestyle and don't get distracted by all the latest fashion.
Through Style Accelerator you will be able to pick clothes that you will love & wear for a long time.
Confidence & joy
getting dressed
Are you bored with your current wardrobe and wearing the same thing over and over?

Imagine seeing endless possibilities in your closet and knowing how to make the most of what you already own. You know how to create multiple outfits and dress for how you want to feel. If you aspire to put together a cute outfit for your every day life, not just special occasion, Style Accelerator is for you.

Style & Radiance
here and now
Are you tired of delaying the best version of you just because you wait to loose weight, get a new job...?

You can be stylish & radiant regardless of your weight or shape, where you live and where you shop. It really doesn't matter for a real style.
Stop waiting and finally take charge of your style - you will love dressing for the best version of you every day.
Imagine having a closet full of ready-to-use outfits that empower you for whatever
your day may bring.

Imagine this confident, radiant woman who looks her best and smiles when she sees her reflection in the mirror. Every single day.

You can be this woman.
Style Accelerator is right for you, if you want to
Establish your unique style & gain confidence with it
Stop feeling insecure or doubting your clothing choice
Transform your wardrobe into a closet full of ready-to-use fabulous outfits that empower you
Stop wasting loads of money on random clothes that you never wear and cluttering your closet
Pick clothes that flatter your body & put together effortless outfits every day
Stop wasting time and feeling frustrated when it comes to getting dressed
Want style updates?
Become a VIP for more style tips from your personal stylist Nina Walder
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  • 6-month access to all course material (5 modules with all video lessons, digital workbooks & practical assignments)
  • 5 mini-group coaching calls (One 60-min. call per week, where you can ask all your questions via video/audio/chat)
  • Personal feedback on your practical assignments (in written and audio format)
  • 4 BONUSES valued at €496

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Deluxe Individual Coaching
Available on first come first served basis.
*limited number of places available
€2990 €3990
  • Included:
  • 6-month access to all course material (5 modules with all video lessons, digital workbooks & practical assignments)
  • 5 individual calls with Nina via Zoom (One 60-min. coaching call per week, where you discuss all your style questions in depth)
  • Personal feedback on your practical assignments (in written and audio format)
  • 4 BONUSES valued at €496
Schedule a 15-min. call with Nina if you want to book this option and see if it's a right fit.
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    Style Accelerator
    The program starts 16 of August, 2021.
    REGISTRATION CLOSES at 23:59 EST on 15/08/21
    Meet your teacher
    Welcome! My name is Nina Walder.
    I'm super excited to guide you on this journey and help you supercharge your style & wardrobe!

    As a Personal Stylist and creator of Style Accelerator, I've helped hundreds of women transform their lives through better style. It is my true passion to help women look and feel their absolute best.

    And I'm happy to share my exact framework of developing a unique personal style with you.

    In a nutshell:
    • Certified fashion stylist and image-consultant
    • Creator of the online Style Accelerator
    • My motto: style over fashion
    • Originally from Moscow, Russia, the past 10 years I've lived and worked in 15 different countries & cities (from Sao Paulo to Paris to Ho Chi Minh City), now based in Spain
    More on my story in the highlight "My story" on IG here
    A few years back I wasn't confident with my style..
    In fact, I spend my 20-s wearing mostly black (while I terribly wanted to wear color, but didn't know how), buying clothes all the time and having a huge closet, all while having absolutely nothing to wear - those daily struggles of dressing up were a part of my life, and it only changed when I decided to take charge of my style.
    And if I could do it, you could too!
    What my clients and students are saying:
    Check more of my clients cases on IG here and here >>>
    What's your refund policy?

    — You can refund your fee only before the start of the program (12.06.2021). Once the program started it won't be possible to refund. I poured my heart and soul into Style Accelerator, every training video and practical assignment, and I know that it works and will help you redefine your style.

    — How is this program different from other ones?

    — 2 main things - the teacher matters. If you've followed me on TikTok or IG, you know my style philosophy and values, so if it resonates with you, you will love Style Accelerator. By now through my content I've helped hundreds of women level up their style, and I'm confident I can help you too.

    Then, while there are some concepts in style, that are more or less universal (ie, certain ways to combine colors), in Style Accelerator I teach a lot of unique frameworks that I've developed through working 1-1 as a Personal Stylist and teaching women through my style programs. So a big part of Style Accelerator is something you won't find anywhere else.

    I know how to look good in a dress & heels, but I want to dress nice & comfy for my every day life. Will this program help?

    — Yes! This program doesn't teach a specific style or encourages you to wear only dresses (or any particular piece of clothing for that matter!), it is up to you to decide and develop a style that works for you, however you want it to be. You will learn many different ways to put together a cool outfit and you adapt it fully for yourself.

    — I do not know which style I like. Will this program help me to figure it out?

    — Definitely! In fact, the whole first module is dedicated to understanding what it is that you want and need - we are building a style, which would work for you, not just a collection of pretty clothes. It is highly personal, and you will get to do a few exercises, which will give you so much clarity on the relevant style for you. Good-bye confusion & hello clarity & confidence for your new style!
    How will I study in this style accelerator?

    — All curriculum is online, with no physical attendance needed! You can study in your own space and time. The material is presented with video lectures and downloadable pdf-workbooks, making this style transformation easy to do.

    — What if I'm too busy to do the work?

    — You have a 6-month access to this program. I will encourage you to follow the schedule and attend live Q&A sessions, but you will be able to access all the lessons and recordings any time.
    — I don't have big budget for clothes, how do I know if this is the best investment for me?

    — How much did you spend on clothes in the last year or two? More than at least €1000? (I know most of us have thousands $$$ hanging in our closets without any wear). Choose style education instead of more random clothes. Take the money you were going to throw at clothes you were just kind of guessing on, and invest it in learning how to shop smarter for a priceless wardrobe you know how to remix and absolutely love.
    A year from now, you'll be grateful you put a hold on buying more things, to take this season to learn what really works for you.

    — I'm trying to buy less. Will this program make me want to shop more?

    — Absolutely not! My goal is to teach you the best use of the closet you already own.
    Through this course you will discover and shape your style as it suits your body, your budget and your personality. In fact, I do not recommend to buy anything throughout the course, because we lay the foundation first and only when you are very very clear of what it is exactly that works for you and what is missing in your wardrobe, you could shop.
    In any case, we always begin with what you have - we will shop your own closet first. And you may even discover you already have most of what you need, you just didn't know how to mix and match it in other way.
    Why the style accelerator is 6 weeks, but there are only 5 calls?

    — There are 5 main modules in the course and each call is dedicated to the corresponding module on that week. On the 6th week you get access to bonuses.
    The course is designed as a system, and each module is built on the previous style modules.

    — How much time I would need to dedicate to the course?

    — It depends a bit on how in-depth you want to go in the course. But on average, dedicating around 90 min. each week into going through the module & completing the practical assignments would do.
    I worked hard to make videos super practical, actionable, short and to the point, and you won't learn any unnecessary theory.
    Does my age/location/profession matter?

    — Style is timeless! And in contrast to fashion or trends, it doesn't dictate to you a certain way of wearing something linked to your age or profession or whatever.
    Style is unique to you and your lifestyle and nothing is a barrier to having an amazing style.

    — Does this work for all shapes and sizes?

    — Absolutely! Size is just a number, and you can have an amazing style regardless of your size, weight, height or any other specifics.
    In the program you will learn style principles, which will apply to your unique body shape and any size.
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    Style Accelerator
    The program starts 16 of August, 2021.
    REGISTRATION CLOSES at 23:59 EST on 15/08/21
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