Dream wardrobe or nightmare?

"There are more important things in life than clothes"

Got this comment recently on one of my reels.

I actually couldn’t agree more!

When you know you look great, and can effortlessly put an outfit together, which makes you feel amazing, you don't have to think about clothes.

You can go after more important things in life, all while feeling oh so good about yourself. Feeling confident and empowered

But I used to be that person, who would:

• Spend hours in the shops, because I had no idea what would fit my body, I had to try everything on, I had no filter. Oh and so much time in the morning too just trying to find something cute.

• Spend so much $$$, because I thought buying more clothes would solve my issue of 'nothing to wear'. This happens when you don't know how to combine clothes.

• Always being self-conscious and feeling small, because I wasn't sure about my clothes and how I looked. More often than not my solution was to stick to clothes that made me invisible (hello, black boring wardrobe).

I spent my 20-s in that state, until I finally decided to take charge of my style, as I couldn't continue hiding, feeling and playing small.

It took me years, tears and untold amount of money to learn, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

You are invited to join my "Next Level Style" Masterclass and equip yourself with a roadmap to build your image, style and a wardrobe to support it

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In the "Next Level Style" Masterclass you will:

- Understand the exact steps and the process to creating your next level style and image

You will equip yourself with the right tools to do so, because if you've been wanting to level up your career, attract the partner you want, show up as the best version of you, style is your secret weapon to achieve all that and more.

- Make powerful mindset shifts for your style transformation

This is often overlooked (you mostly hear people talk about putting outfits together and style hacks), but for the long-lasting style & transformation you need to put yourself in the right mindset too.

- Master the 6 steps of creating a functional & inspiring wardrobe

Once you equip yourself with the right vision and supporting mindset, it's time to know exactly how to create a wardrobe that works. You will learn how to make it work as a system, which makes it easy for you to get dressed for any occasion and step into your next level style.
It's a 2 hour intensive + Q&A.

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Can't wait to see you!



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