Exclusive virtual masterclass from style coach Nina Walder
Next Level Style
Learn the exact steps to create your next-level image, style & wardrobe, which work as a system & make you happy

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You can absolutely have the style & wardrobe you desire
for your next level image.
You just need a proven roadmap, clear steps and the right mindset.

As a Style Coach, I've helped hundreds of women (from all over the world, of all walks of life, in any shape) transform their reality around style & wardrobe, and you too can step into your next level image, have an efficient wardrobe which works for you and your lifestyle, which inspires you and makes it easy to get dressed and show up as the best version of you for any occasion.
Nina Walder
Personal Stylist and Style Coach,
Masterclass Creator
Your results after
the Masterclass:
You'll know how to create
your next level style.

Great style and functional wardrobe is not just about pretty outfits (that's what you see on the surface), it's a whole system at play. You will no more be stuck at the level of style hacks because you will have the big vision and the roadmap.
You'll develop the right mindset around
your style & image.

Mindset is often overlooked when talking about style, but it is key for a long-lasting transformation of your image and self-image. You will create real and empowering shifts through this Masterclass.
You'll master the 6 steps of creating
a functional & inspiring wardrobe.

You will now understand the rules of the wardrobe that works, spot gaps & mistakes in your closet, and will know the exact steps to make style and dressing up feels fun, easy, quick & exciting again

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When you join the Masterclass expect this:
Highly-practical & transformational class
Everything that I will share with you is based on my experience working with hundreds of women as a personal stylist 1-1 and through my online style programs, it's super actionable and you can apply it right away to your style & wardrobe.
2 hour
Masterclass and Q&A
I will share with you the material that I teach my clients inside Style Accelerator program, so every part of this class is powerful.
And at the end of the masterclass, I will answer some of your questions too.
You get the replay of the class + Q&A.
No fluff, real stuff
You will learn the exact steps to create a real change around your style and wardrobe. And it is not about buying more or spending more time on style, but about making different choices, approaching it with a different mindset, making your signature style work for your every day life, not just special occasion.
All prices are in USD
This Masterclass is for you if
You are ready for your next level style & image

- You are ready to level up in your career or business, to attract the love you want and to show up as a powerful confident woman that you are

- You are ready to be seen and fully expressed through your style, and you no more want to 'hide' with the clothes that don't serve you
You want an efficient wardrobe and to get dressed easily & with joy

- Your current wardrobe is overflowing with clothes and it's hard to put together outfits & show up the way you desire

- You want a functional wardrobe, which works as a system and allows you to get dressed in minutes for any occasion
You are ready for the real change & transformation

- Great style doesn't happen by coincidence, but it got to be easy when you use a roadmap and take the right steps.
It doesn't require a special eye or sense for design, style is a skill that every woman could develop with the right tools and guidance.
If you have the vision and desire for yourself to show up as the woman you are meant to be, then it will be possible for you.

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the masterclass:
All prices are in USD
Meet your Style Coach
and Personal Stylist -
Nina Walder
I'm super excited to guide you on this style journey.

I work with high-achieving women worldwide, helping them curate beautiful & authentic style.

Style, that makes them look more of who they are, helps them achieve their goals quicker and easier (whether it's a level up in your career or business or attracting the love you want or anything else you desire!), all while building the right image and making the whole process of getting dressed quick, efficient & joyful.

By now, I've helped hundreds of women transform their lives through better style, and I'm happy to share my exact framework of developing a unique personal style & building a functional wardrobe with you.

Can't wait to see you in the Masterclass!

All prices are in USD

These are the results my clients are experiencing:
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