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Let's make the best out of what you already own!

Perfect option if you:
  • Have a big closet, but keep wearing the same thing over and over because you don't know how to mix your clothes
  • Want to create new and fresh outfits out of what you already own
  • Gain clarity on what is missing in your wardrobe (be it clothes or accessories) and will help you maximise your wardrobe potential
  • We will work with about 30 clothing pieces of yours (excluding accessories).

What you will get as a result of our work:

1. Your digital outfits guidebook
You will have a virtual guidebook, where you will see outfits you can use out of your closet - pick whatever you want to wear from this guidebook, no need to stress in the morning about what to wear - you have ready to use outfits!

2. A precise list of items you may want to add to your closet
You will get a list of items, which I will identify for you throughout the wardrobe edit (please note, this is not a shopping list, but a list of items (ie, blue jeans, white blazer) and my general recommendations on clothes that complement your body shape, colour type and your personality.

How will we work together:

1. Style Questionnaire
After the initial 15-min introductory call, I will email you a style questionnaire for you to fill in (with questions related to your body, your style preferences & your lifestyle) to ensure that we create relevant outfits.
You will also need to send me a couple of full-body pictures, so I can see your body type and create outfits which would work for you.

2. Clothing items pictures
You will need to take pictures of each clothing item in your wardrobe and share with me (via Google Drive or any other service). I will provide you with specific recommendations how to take those pictures.
Using it, I will create outfits for you and give a list of recommendations - the items to remove that are out of shape, and do not work to your advantage.

3. Style consultation via Zoom (60 min.)
We will discuss everything more in-depth and will talk everything else that you want to share that relates to your style & wardrobe.

Price (at least 20+ full outfits) - €1990 €1590
(price valid till 31.12.2021)

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