4 types of clothing & how to approach it to build a wardrobe & style you want
If you want to build wardrobe & style that works and makes you happy, you need to align 2 things:
  1. What you want out of your style, image and wardrobe
  2. And how you actually approach it
because these are two different things, and often we are mistaking one for another.

There are 4 clothing categories that you could be buying in any shop or brand or price segment:
They are:
- Modern classic pieces
- Trendy pieces
- Non-classic pieces
- Dated piece.

Let's look at each category to understand how you can align your shopping strategy with your image & wardrobe goals:

Modern classic
It is the foundation of wardrobe that works for a long time. This type of pieces can serve you for another decade and can still look up to date.

95% of my own wardrobe consists of this type of pieces because I like to wear what I buy and get the most out of my own wardrobe.

If you want maximum versatility as well, where everything is to mix and match, invest in this type of clothing.

• Trendy
These are new trendy pieces you are seeing every season-)
They usually come with a new twist on the modern classic - it could be an exaggerated shoulder line one season or crazy cut-outs another.

Trends go out of fashion every couple of years or even quicker than that depending on the trend, so if you are investing in any of this type of pieces, be ready to update your wardrobe pretty often.

Personally, I rarely invest in trends, but if I do, it would be a longer trend - something that could still be relevant for at least 2-3 years and would align with my style & image.

• Not classic
These pieces look very interesting visually, but they are hard to style, because they go with very few pieces.

The more you have this type of pieces in your wardrobes, the more difficult it is to create outfits with them.

Yet, I see a lot of women buying this exact type of clothing because they think it looks cute, and you are naturally more drawn to something like this vs a slightly more plain modern classic)

• Dated
This is the type of clothing that I don't recommend buying. They make you look older, create a sort of an old fashioned vibe, and most importantly, they send a wrong message.

Often, dated clothing sends out a message that your skillset is dated too, that you don't catch up with the modern requirements.

I know it may not sound nice, but in our fast-paced visual world people make an opinion about us based on how we look and what we wear. Your clothes create a first impression, and if it's something that is important to you and for your goals, then pay attention to it.

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