Let's celebrate Lindsay and her style journey
I'd like to start celebrating your style journeys more - it's special and deserves a separate place here in the Community.
We are all at different stages with our styles, and it's very encouraging and simply curious to see where others are at, so feel free to share your pics and any insights big or small here, in "Your Style Wins" in the Community !

Here's Before & After of Lindsay, who is a mom of 3 from Canada.

Lindsay has a very active lifestyle, and wanted to create stylish and put together, yet very comfy and practical looks for her.

After a few months in the program, she introduced color into her wardrobe, discovered the little details that make her outfits look more feminine (in a way she wanted) and she also mentioned that she started to feel more like herself with her new style. All while shopping and dressing up became fun, inspiring and quick.

Finally, she created a capsule wardrobe filled with great pieces for any occasion.

In a recent call she shared how she wanted a new outfit for the 40-th anniversary party of her husband, so she went shopping for this special occasion and surprised even herself - how quick and easy it was to find a new amazing outfit because she knew exactly what she wanted, what looks good on her and what to pay attention to.

How lovely is her transformation and hew new outfits!? Congrats on your new style, wardrobe and image, Lindsay, you did such a great job


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