25-31 January 2023
Welcome to
Transformative Training & Q&A series
to skyrocket your style, image and wardrobe
with Nina Walder
Style Starter Program
Day 5
30 January 2023
Day 6
31 January 2023
12 pm New York / 6 pm Paris
Day 1. Style Vision
Get my best advice on what you need to do first, second and third to develop a style which is authentically yours and how to make it not just pretty but also practical for your lifestyle.
Once you've watched this training, please download the workbook below and complete the exercises.
Take action towards developing your style now!

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Day 2. Live Session
Learn from other amazing women who joined this session as we discussed dressing for different shapes, creating more mature and work appropriate outfits, and much more.
Day 3. Style Your Body
Understanding your shape, knowing how you like to dress your body and learning to style it with love and confidence is a game-changer. Take the first steps with this training:
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Day 4. Live Session
Learn from other amazing women who joined this session as we discussed dressing for different shapes, wearing color, making looks more put together, and much more.
Live Coaching and Q&A sessions
This is a very special opportunity to get coached and get your questions answered by Personal Stylist Nina Walder, and you will get the most of it with a bit of prep.

Here is the link to join Live Sessions on Zoom:

Live sessions take place at:
12 PM New York / 6 PM Paris on
Saturday, 28 January
Tuesday, 31 January

Each session will last for about 1 hour. So join from the start to make sure
you could get coached by Nina.
Check the times here for other locations >


  • During live sessions you can ask:
  • any questions based on the material you've just learned in the previous day
  • questions about your outfits, your shape or any other personal style challenges
  • any other style or non-style questions you may have.
  • But the best questions (and answers!) are highly personalised.

  • There is a big difference between asking - "What's the best silhouette for pear-shaped body" (can only give you a very general answer) VS "Please see my outfits here, this is how I usually dress and what I like and don't like, this is my height and shape, so what could be improved here?" Now, we are talking!

  • You can ask your questions on video or in writing in the chat on Zoom
  • The time for the Q&A will be limited for a few min. per person, so please do think about your questions in advance if you want to get the most value out of it.

  • Want stylist's feedback on your outfits? Then please prepare the pictures of your outfits in advance on the same page (use either Google drive slides or Canva slides) and be ready to share the link in the chat (make sure it's available to access for anyone).
  • I won't be able to look at the pictures on your phone through Zoom or open 10 different images in the chat - see below a good example of a slide you can prepare: