A 3-day virtual workshop with Style Coach Nina Walder
For the woman who is ready to look & feel
her best through style:
discover your personal style, create your style plan and get excited to dress up every single day

15-18 August 2022
You get to set up your own rules for your style and how you show up ...
  • Great style = inside magic + outside job
    Looking great is not about the price of your outfit.
    Or wearing the brand, or a trendy piece. Or anything like that.
    It is about aligning who you are and who you are becoming with how you look on the outside💗

    It's about knowing yourself as a woman, listening to your desires and knowing how to express it with style. And not settling for something that won't feel 100% to you.

    Then your style looks intentional, you become magnetic and amazing opportunities just come into your life.
  • Great style is available for you now
    You body is unique. You are unique. And your style got to be very personal to you.
    You don't have to be a certain size or shape to have a magnetic style - you can dress and show up as the best version of you in any weight, shape or height.
    That's truly possible and you don't need to delay looking stylish any longer.

  • The roadmap to great style
    Great style doesn't happen by coincidence, but it got to be easy when you use a roadmap and take the right steps.
    It doesn't require a special eye or sense for design, style is a skill that every woman could develop with the right tools and guidance.
    If you have the vision and desire for yourself to show up as the woman you are meant to be, then it will be possible for you.
Your journey inside Elevated Style Challenge
You want stylish, comfy and diverse outfits, but...
- You buy and own a lot of clothes, but wear only a tiny % of your wardrobe
- You buy the same and wear the same clothes all the time
- You don't know how to combine clothes, so you always default to similar boring combos

You want to feel good in your body & clothes, but...
- You don't know how to dress your shape
- You are hiding your body in clothes
- You believe 'nothing' fits you
- All the stylish outfits you see don't work for your shape
- Your weight changed and you no more know how to dress
You want confident & happy style, but...
- You buy what your friends are buying or what you see on influencers, but it never makes you happy
- You always wear blacks and neutrals, but want more color
- You buy clothes you used to buy at Uni, but this style doesn't serve you anymore

Let's make style your secret weapon ...
- when your confidence skyrockets because you like your reflection in the mirror,
- when you feel so much more powerful and able,
- when dressing up is fun and joyful process,
- when you feel focused and calm because you don't have to worry about your appearance,
- when you actually save so much money because you don't buy random stuff anymore,
- or and can I mention all the time you save!! Time saved because you don't have to shop all the time to escape ''nothing to wear", time save because you don't have to think and worry about your appearance constantly...
Ready to elevate your style and self-image?
Here's what to expect each day
Day 1
Day 1
Your Image - Before & After
Project manager in Pixels
Self-development in design and revolutions in the minds of the early 20s.
Day 2
Day 2
How to make style possible for any shape, size or height
Understand, explore and learn to dress your body
Day 3
Day 3
Your Style Roadmap
Creative director in DD agency
Crowdsourcing in graphic design startups
Ready to bring the vision of woman you want to be to life?
3 days, which will transform your style:
  • Day 1 - YOUR STYLE (10.02.2021)
    Learn how to find and develop your unique personal style
    (my simple roadmap which will change how you approach your style and wardrobe)
  • Day 2 - YOUR OUTFIT FORMULA (13.02.2021)
    Discover my recipe for a great outfit formula, and then learn to develop the ones that work for you
  • Day 3 - SPECIAL STYLE CHALLENGE (15.02.2021)
    You will love this challenge! You will put into practice all that you've learned before and start your style transformation
Meet your coach and personal stylist - Nina Walder

I'm super excited to guide you on this style journey.

As a personal stylist, I've helped tens of women transform their lives through better style. And I'm happy to share my exact framework of developing a unique personal style with you.

Sign up above and I see you on the 10th of February!

If we've never met before, say hi on Instagram and check my journey in the highlight "My story"

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