How not to waste $$$ on clothes during sales

It's the sales season here, and I know how tempting it is to go shopping and get all those bargains, buying new stuff... and hoping that maybe this time, just this time finally you will solve your style dilemmas with your new purchases

You are smart, savvy and responsible woman, so let's bring this approach to shopping.

It isn't about getting a bargain, it's about intention.

Intention to create a closet that feels inspiring, easy, timeless and diverse.

And most importantly, a closet that helps you create the right image, that supports you in your goals (whether it's attracting the love you want or levelling up in your career or anything else you desire), because it's truly possible through style.

So let's have an honest conversation on how not to waste money on clothes (especially during sales!) and instead build an intentional wardrobe and style that makes you happy and actually works for you.

In this new Youtube video I'm sharing 4 powerful, yet simple and actionable tips for you.

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Have a lovely stylish weekend,



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