5 steps to great photoshoot
Are you running your own business? Then you are probably doing photoshoots for your brand.
Photoshoots are definitely important as they give you elevated image to represent your business, but you want to make it right.

I've prepared and styled many photo sessions for my clients and myself, and developed my own philosophy for a successful brand shoot.

So I wanted to share with you a few of those tips to ensure you get amazing photos

1. Prepare outfits on point with your brand.
Make sure they are comfy and you love them, not just something you ‘should’ wear.
When you enjoy what you wear, it translates on camera

2. Elevate your look, but keep it real.
You'd want to have elevated outfits for your photo session obv, but try to keep it real too so there is not disconnect with how you are seen in professional photos vs how you show up for your clients and on social media daily.
When all of this is in line, you create trust and strong personal brand.
3. Prepare MORE outfits rather than less.
You will probably want to use the photos across different platforms and you don’t want to have few hundreds photos in 2 outfits. So more is more!

4. Make sure you/your clothes pop against the background.
You want to be visible on your photos and to draw attention to you (not the beautiful studio!).

5. Prepare reference points and get as many photos with different angles and poses as possible.
Take horizontal and vertical shots. Take full body, portrait, and sideways shots. Sitting and standing. Take shots of details and wide angle. This will all be so useful!
The photos you see here are from my recent photoshoot in my office (yes, these are my real clothes too on the rack)).

I hope it's been helpful and you will be rocking your next photoshoot!

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Much love,


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