"I'm an executive manager from Paris and I need functional style"
Meet Habiba, an executive manager from Paris, France.

She was looking to upgrade her style & image, but was afraid it would take her too much time to understand and implement the changes, especially since style and fashion were very foreign to her and she has a lot going on in her life…

She was wondering whether 1-1 Personal Styling service might be better for her, or Style Accelerator would make sense..

After a quick chat, Habiba joined Style Accelerator and never looked back.

A couple of months in, she started wearing color, discovered new flattering silhouettes for her and created a capsule wardrobe filled with modern pieces for any occasion.
She travels a lot, and now she is packing with ease for any trip.
But that’s her transformation that you see..

While it’s so much deeper than that. When you start to like your reflection in the mirror, to see yourself through other lenses, your whole identity shifts, your confidence skyrockets and you feel so much in power

That’s what Habiba says in her own words:

"When I joined SA 4 months ago, the fashion/style world seemed too foreign to me. But I had a vision for myself, I wanted my style to express my personality and to give more confidence in my everyday life.

Being an executive manager and starting an entrepreneurship project on the side, a lot was going on in my life and I had little time to focus on my image.

I needed to be taken more seriously and to be more visible to the world.

My old wardrobe was filled with outdated pieces that hardly went with anything. Every morning, I used to get frustrated for lack of options, and I didn't like what I saw in the mirror. This impacted my self-confidence a lot.

Throughout the SA program, I got all the guidance I needed to choose what to let go of and what to incorporate into my wardrobe, while keeping my vision in mind and learning paying attention to small details that I couldn't see before.

Many challenges came throughout the way of course, I had to let go of many old ideas that were only holding me back, and I worked on gaining a larger perspective and keeping an open mind. Nina helped a lot with her continuous support and feedback during the weekly calls.

"I now feel very happy with my self image and my new style, that is truly mine, and I know this is only the beginning : I now have the right tools to go forward through this journey and keep improving my style and myself."

Congrats, Habiba, you are amazing and did such a great job!

We actually sat down for a quick chat and she shared more of her style journey -
click to watch it here >

Great style and functional wardrobe isn't random or by pure chance. It is a skill. A real skill that you can develop. And a system that you can put in place, so style is easy.

And it is available for any woman - no matter body size or shape, where you live or where you shop, or anything else.

It's about deciding you want it, educating yourself on style (so you know exactly how to put together outfits you like) and creating a habit and environment around it, so style and putting together outfits is easy for you.

You know that you want it for you because you are here.

You want your outer world to express on the outside the successful confident woman that you are. So you can show up in your business or job powerfully. Radiate confidence for whatever your day brings. Dress up with ease and joy whether it's an important event, a surprise date or a casual meeting with friends.

Come join Style Accelerator and we will work together and create an amazing style and wardrobe for you.

This is the best offer you can get for joining SA right now >

Inside SA, you will develop a real skill around style and wardrobe, that you can use for the rest of your life, get repeatable concepts you can apply again and again to continuously grow your power around your self-image.

And I will be supporting you every step of the way through weekly live Q&A calls, where you get to ask me anything, and I provide personalised feedback on every action item inside the program and support you on this style journey.

You get lifetime access to the program & weekly calls, so you can go through the program on your own time.

Just click on the link to find all of the details and take a look at our clients resultsand testimonials if you want to imagine what could be possible for you on the other side of mentorship with me inside Style Accelerator.

Or if you have any questions, simply reply to this email, I will be happy to help!

Have a fantastic week ahead!



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