How to wear COLOR at work - chic & professional
One of the biggest questions I'm being asked is how to bring VARIETY to your style. Especially when it comes to work attire, since there is a common belief that business looks have to be black, grey or navy. And it does become boring and repetitive when you stick to these colors only...

If you want more variety within your style - adding COLOR to your outfits is the absolute best way to achieve that.

Your outfits could be polished, professional AND colorful.

See below a few color combinations, which you can already use now to create put together looks for work:
So can work attire be chic, comfy & professional?

Can you wear color as a leader in the professional world and look elevated?

Can you have both - style and comfort for the business look - whether it’s formal or more casual?

YES, yes and yes!

This is exactly what you can learn in my latest 4-part WORK WARDROBE training.

This brand-new training is designed to elevate your style and confidence in the professional world. This 4-part training series is packed with practical tips, inspiring ideas, and actionable steps to help you master the art of work attire

Here’s what’s included:

  • Main Style Principles for Work Wardrobe: Unlock the secrets to a timeless and impactful work wardrobe.

  • Wearing COLOR & PRINT for Office: Learn how to incorporate colors and prints to make a statement while maintaining professionalism.

  • SHOES & ACCESSORIES for Workwear: Discover the perfect accessories and footwear to complement your office outfits.

  • OUTFIT FORMULAS for Office & WFH: Versatile outfit ideas that are both comfortable and chic, perfect for the office or working from home.

Honestly, this training also is worth over $1000, but I offer it as a bonus for STYLE FORMULAS & BODY SHAPES MASTERY for a fraction of that.

See all details here and already next week you could create new chic outfits >

To your next level style!
PS: This is what my clients are saying who already went through the training:


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