Can you really become your own stylist?

"Nina, I have my winter wardrobe sorted out thanks to our work, I felt amazing, now I want the same for spring-summer. Can you do another capsule for me?"

This was what my personal styling clients would typically say to me - they would come to work with me, we would put together a beautiful capsule for them…

  • And then they saw themselves in a new light: "omg, I never thought I could look like that! And nothing changed with me except the clothes!"

  • They would enjoy getting compliments and feeling amazing in their own skin

  • They would appreciate having easy ready-to-wear outfits for any occasion…

They didn't want to go back to how it was before, to 'nothing to wear', to random clothes that won't come together into flattering outfits…

So they would come to me again season after season asking to update their wardrobe.

At some point, my natural reaction was - "let me teach you how do it. It’s a skill, you can learn it and be able to do it yourself anytime for any occasion"

This is how my signature program Style Accelerator was born.

But is it really possible for women to become their own stylist?

Don't you have to be born with such talent or have an eye for style?

That's what I thought and told myself 10 years ago. If you've seen my own before & after, you know that I made style to be my own reality and I definitely wasn't born with it.

Now, through my work, I've seen it times and times again that style is a skill that anyone can develop. And tens and tens of my clients inside Style Accelerator have confirmed that again and again.

I believe a great style is available for any woman - no matter body size or shape, where you live or where you shop, or anything else.

It's about deciding you want it, educating yourself on style (so you know exactly how to put together outfits you like) and creating a habit and a system around it, so style and putting together outfits is easy for you.

You know you want it for you because you are here.

You want your outer world to express on the outside the successful confident woman that you are. So you can show up in your business or job powerfully. Radiate confidence for whatever your day brings. Dress up with ease and joy whether it's an important event, a surprise date or a casual meeting with friends.

Come join Style Accelerator and we will work together and create an amazing style and wardrobe for you and make it easy, fun & exciting to get dressed:

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Inside SA, you will develop a real skill around style and wardrobe, that you can use for the rest of your life, get repeatable concepts you can apply again and again to continuously grow your power around your self-image.

And I will be supporting you every step of the way through weekly live Q&A calls, where you get to ask me anything, and I provide personalised feedback on every action item inside the program and support you on this style journey.

You get lifetime access to the program & weekly calls, so you can go through the program on your own time.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out via email (hello <@> or send a dm on Instagram.
We will be happy to help!