How to save money when shopping for clothes
Planning some shopping soon?
This is a reminder for when you need to get back to your senses and not buy random pretty fashion!

Ask yourself these 5 powerful questions:

1. Do I truly like it?
Or I’m just tempted by the trends or because someone said I shall have it? Check check!

2. Does it fit me?
How often you bought something for some moment in the future when it fits, and that moment never happened? Or everything about that clothing piece was perfect except that the sizing was off?
Don’t waste your money on that, you will find better!

3. Do I have somewhere to wear it?
If you don’t want to clutter your wardrobe, buy clothes to fit your lifestyle. Not just because something is pretty and you will try to find an occasion to wear it somewhere (because let’s be honest, most times it would just sit in the closet)

4. Do I have something similar already?
Oh this is big! I see women all the time buying n-th pair of very similar *black jeans* (insert anything), and then you wonder why your outfits don’t seem varied

5. Can I create at least 3 outfits with it & what I already own?
If you want a versatile wardrobe, and more outfits, this is key! And you don’t want to fall for something and needing to buy a few other clothes just to be able to wear this one.

So here is to your successful shopping!


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