Same body, but looks different?
Clothes are clothes... but they make us look & feel very different.

Notice the difference between these outfits? How much shorter and bigger I look on the image on the left in comparison to the one on the right?

Being petite (I'm 160 cm/5'3), it's been my biggest insecurity to look short and bigger than I am.
And it was one of my biggest struggles throughout all my 20-s - I couldn't understand how come in some clothes I looked normal, while in other ones I looked quite ridiculous.

And it bothered me mostly because it very much affected how I saw myself. It was not so much about fashion or what others thought, but more about my own feeling about myself.
Can you relate?
Do you like your reflection in the mirror? Are your clothes empowering you?

Imagine …

Dressing up in your favourite outfit every single day, not just on special occasion, and feeling A-MAZING

Having a wardrobe filled with clothes that are so easy to mix & match

Feeling powerful and confident woman in your own skin & your clothes

How does it feel? How would you approach your life & work then?

Let me tell you, it doesn't have to be just a dream.

You are just a few steps away from that woman and tapping into your true potential.

It's already been a reality for many of my students, and I know it can be true for you♥️

I invite you to check out my transformation 10-week program STYLE ACCELERATOR.

You will be able to create a style you love, learn to put together effortless outfits that flatter your body, and will gain so much confidence & fun around your style.

I've already had quite a few fantastic ladies joining Style Accelerator from the US, Australia and Europe - they've decided to empower themselves through style, and I can't wait to connect personally with every single SA student.

Yes, within this program I will also mentor and support you every step of the way. You will work through modules each week, then hop on a mini-group call with me and I will provide a personalised feedback on your assignments. Past SA students said that it's been invaluable.


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