"I'm a New Yorker, and I need small, versatile and chic wardrobe"
What's the difference between loving fashion and having a chic functional wardrobe?

Apparently, a lot...
Many of us have a natural and keen interest around style, pretty outfits, fashion... but more often than not it doesn't translate into cohesive outfits and a wardrobe that works.

And it's okay until a moment when it isn't ok anymore.. When you a realise you buy a lot, but wear only 20% of it (that's an actual statistics in the US!), spend a lot of time and money on fashion, and at some point you feel like - "I wish somebody would just tell me exactly what to buy, so it works for me, my body and my life..."

These are the exact words a lot of my clients are saying to me. While they are super successful in many areas of their lives, wardrobe and style often sits as this missing piece of a puzzle..

Meet Samantha, a New Yorker, who is an incredible woman with an accomplished career, media appearances and all, and she wanted her image to match her success.

And most importantly, she wanted to step away from wearing just black & beige, and build a functional wardrobe where everything is to mix and match.

Let's look at some of her new outfits!

Doesn't she look like a radiant, confident and successful woman that she is? And her outfits support that image of hers?
In our recent call, Samantha also shared with me that she has loved everything fashion since childhood, it's been her main hobby and she took a lot of courses in this area.... but she was only able to take full charge of her style and create a functional wardrobe she loves through Style Accelerator.
"I am a lover of fashion, and I took plenty of style & fashion courses before, but I got the most value of yours, and that's because of your hands-on approach, you being an honest and knowledgeable guide in the process, giving feedback throughout the program and helping me see my blind spots."

I appreciate a cohesive functional wardrobe, that was my biggest goal coming into a program, which I achieved, but I got so much more. One - is wearing color now, it's so inspiring, and you really get to stand out in a sea of blacks. Another is knowing how to put together the wardrobe that I like and appreciate. I recommend this program to anyone with highest regards!
Samantha from the US shares her journey and results after Style Accelerator
If you are reading this, you know that you are ready to upgrade your style and wardrobe and make it work for you inside and out.

Oh, and did I mention that for a great style all of this doesn't matter at all:
body size and shape, where you live, where you shop and where you work...

I want you to know this:

great style is available for you. You can look incredible and love your reflection in the mirror now.

What matters though is you understanding 2 things:

1. How style works
Yes, it's a system and not something you are born with. You learn how colors work, how lines and proportions work in clothing, and how it all comes together into chic outfits and functional wardrobe.

2. What you like.
What silhouettes you prefer. How do you like to dress your body. What feels comfortable to you. What works for your life.
A great style is something very personal and unique and what feels good to you.
It's different for every woman, and that's why in Style Accelerator we explore a lot and pay attention to your true desires.
Some of my clients have even said to me: "Nina, Style Accelerator has been like a therapy to me!"

Inside SA, you will develop a real skill around style and wardrobe, that you can use for the rest of your life, repeatable concepts you can apply again and again to continuously grow your power around your self-image.

Got any questions? You can always reach out to us via email hello <@> ninawalder.com or on IG.