How to Use Style for Business Success
Style is a very powerful business tool.

Our physical appearance, including the way we dress, plays a crucial role in how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us.

This extends far beyond mere vanity. It's a matter of self-expression, self-confidence, and personal branding. In today's fast-paced and very visual world, where impressions are made in a split second, style becomes a valuable asset.

Great personal style can give you the edge in both professional and personal situations. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you perform better.

Last week, I sat down with a fellow entrepreneur, Jen Argue to talk about how to use style for personal branding, how to dress in a way that helps grow your business and for you to stand out as an entrepreneur.

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Here are 3 starter tips on how to leverage style as a business owner:

1. Dress to make an impression

In today's fast-paced and very visual world, first impressions are often made in a split second, especially on platforms like Instagram. Before prospective clients even delve into the details of your services, they'll make a snap judgment based on your appearance. Up to 70% of communication is non-verbal, which includes your clothing. To exude confidence and professionalism, opt for structured pieces like blazers or shirts, and maintain a cohesive color scheme. The goal is to look put together and trustworthy.

2. Incorporate a signature element or color

This is a powerful strategy for two reasons. First, it fosters recognition and helps to build your personal brand. When people see your signature color or accessory, they'll immediately think of you. Second, it builds trust. Having a consistent visual identity creates a sense of reliability and consistency. Think of it as your visual calling card.

3. Dress for yourself

It's not just about dressing for others - it's about dressing for yourself as well. Even if you're not meeting anyone during the day, what you wear can significantly impact your mood and productivity. The phenomenon known as 'enclothed cognition' demonstrates that the clothing we wear can alter our psychological states and performance. So, choose outfits that make you feel confident, capable, and ready to take on the challenges of the day. This will not only boost your personal mood and productivity but will also reflect positively on your business.

Check out this conversation for practical tips on all things style and fashion for women entrepreneurs.
At the beginning of our conversation, I've also shared how I started and grew my business in personal styling.
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