Cost Per Wear
Or how to make good shopping decisions
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Wanted to write some long text about cost per wear, but then decided to simply show a few outfits with the same blazer.

It practically explains the concept - the value of a certain piece relates to how many times you wear it. Simply divide the price of a piece by a number of times you wore it, and it gives you a cost per wear.

Why would you want to know that? Well, to make better buying decisions.

Example: a 300 euro jacket may sound a bit steep, but if you wear it so many times, the cost per wear is actually low.

Let's say you wear it at least once a week, so 1 * 52 = 52 times that you wear a certain jacket per year.

Then divide this by the price: 300 euro / 52 = 5,7 euro per wear.
Oh my, this is fun!

Compare it to something like a 'cheap' dress, which may cost just 50 euro, but if you wear it only 1-2 times, it leaves you with 25 euro cost per wear.

On top of cost per wear, it's definitely about versatility too, and it goes hand in hand.
If I can wear a blazer with practically anything in my wardrobe (from dresses to shorts to jeans), then it's a real deal.

Besides, if the piece is of high quality and timeless design, which can serve for a long time, maybe we are talking a good investment) Just think how much wear you will get of this jacket if you wear it for a few years. Talk about sustainable fashion!

Sure, you need to know your style, your colors and how the piece would fit into your wardrobe and lifestyle, but if you have that clarity it's soo good to build a wardrobe with intention and invest in all the right pieces!

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