How to dress comfy & stylish
3 simple tips for easy, comfortable & good-looking outfits
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In my part of the world summer is in full swing already, and it gets trickier to look presentable))
So here a few tips on what works better for hot summer days:

✔️ Natural materials
They are the best for summer, because they allow your body to breathe. Go for linen, silk, cotton, rayon. A little bit of synthetic mix is fine too, but don't go for pure synthetic materials, they are super hot in summer (especially if tight too).

✔️ Loose fit
Very tight-sitting pieces won't allow your body to properly breathe (no matter the material), so for heat it's better to go for flowy silhouettes, when you have a bit more air in between a clothing piece and your skin.

✔️ Open shoes
Feet get extremely hot in summer in closed shoes, so find comfy pairs of sandals, which are open and allow your feet to also to enjoy the air.

✔️ Lighter shades
Light colors reflect light, and absorb much less heat than darker shades, so light-colored clothes are a better choice for hot days.

✔️ Cover ups
When it's hot and sunny, you probably wear something to protect your head, right?
It's a good idea to do the same with the body - pick a flowy cover-up in a natural material, and you will feel actually better than in a completely open outfit.


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