Shall you 'bother' with style?

I've heard a lot recently that style is for some 'other' women, who don't have much to worry about in their lives. Haha, I used to think the same, especially when I couldn't figure out this 'style thing' myself.

Until I realized how much of an influence our image has.

It's one thing to dress cute. And is totally something else to be able to dress according to the impression you want to make.

I thought what you say and how you say is so much more important than the way you look. People would judge you for who you are, isn't it so? Especially in the Western world.

But the reality is still the same - first impressions matter. And first impression comes from your image. From the visuals. And it's not even a conscious thing often, it's just the nature of our world today.

And for that reason I've 'bothered' with my style.

I'm not interested in clothes for the sake of clothes.

But I want to have that power and ability to manage my image and the impression I convey with my appearance. For myself, and for how I am perceived.

What do you think?

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