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A couple of tips on how to wear beige and not look boring
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Beige is a beautiful & classic color, which looks chic and expensive.
Yet, it could be a tiny bit dangerous to wear, because it may wash you out or make your outfit look boring because it is so pale.

I personally love beige, but in a limited quantity and once in a while) Here are almost all of my outfits in beige.

And here are a few tips to rock beige outfits and make them look fresh and stylish:

✔️ Add accents
If you wear beige next to your face, make sure to do make up, so your facial features are not lost with a lot of beige (I like to wear a bold lipstick!). Don't forget accessories too (necklace, earrings) to create another accent. Golden-tone ones look especially good with beige.
If I go for all beige look, I like to add a pop of color like shoes & bag in a saturated color.

✔️ Beige bottoms
If you are not sure how beige works with your face, opt for bottoms in beige instead. It will look chic and you can pair it with pretty much any top in any color or print.

✔️ Add texture
If you are going for an all-beige look, think of mixing different textures - like wool & leather, or any other materials that have visible and different textures.

✔️ Mix beige with color
Beige is more or less neutral color, and it goes well with many other colors. My favourite combos are beige + red, beige + blue, beige + pink or beige + black.

✔️ Pick a right shade of beige
There is a myriad of shades of beige, and if you are choosing a top in beige, you want to think twice if it works for you. The best is to choose the one that is darker than your skin tone. If your skin tone is pale, it's better to avoid pale beige, otherwise it will have this 'wash-out' effect.


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