3 Style Mistakes
that ruin everything
“I have so many pretty clothes, but never know what and how to wear"

This is one of the most common things I hear, and we think that if we just buy pretty clothes, it will magically translate into stylish outfits & efficient wardrobe.

Ideally, all by itself.

Guilty of thinking the same myself a few years back!

Sorry to break it, but it doesn't work like that.

There is a bit more than just pretty clothes.
And when you ask me how to know what to wear & be confident wearing it, it's a lot about knowing yourself & a bit of system behind.

So let's dive right into it!

Here are 3 most common style mistakes & how to fix them:

1. Random shopping without a system

✔️ Think in sets (outfits), not separate clothing items
Will you be able to create at least 3 new outfits with this new item and what you already have in your closet? If not, you will probably end up with yet another piece hanging without wear in your closet.

✔️ Don't buy duplicates!
Buying slightly different, yet very similar n-th pair of 'blue jeans' won't help you create more outfits. This is how actually your outfits feel boring, if you have too many of similar items. Instead, experiment, try different silhouettes, clothing items & colors.

2. Bad closet organisation

✔️ Keeping clothes you don't wear
Do you really need to keep those old clothes if the last time you wore them was in 2015? No, you don't! All of that only creates chaos & confusion for you in the morning.

✔️ Keeping clothes from different seasons in one place
In your go-to closet you want to have only seasonal clothing, so you don't get overwhelmed with everything you have there. Overwhelm = sticking to the default choices (aka outfits that bore you).

✔️ Confusing storage system
It is up to you to decide how you want to store clothes, but there has to be a logic behind - either you sort everything by color, or a better option - by type of
clothing. All your skirts would go in one place, blazers in another, dresses in another,
etc. Then it's way easier to create outfits!

✔️ 1 hanger = 1 clothing piece
Those clothes underneath become invisible to you otherwise. Remember, how in the shops every clothing piece has its own hanger? That's because they want you to see everything, you shall do the same with your closet.

3. Not knowing yourself & your style

✔️ When you don't know what works for you (in many ways - for your body, for you, for
your lifestyle), you will get distracted by trends & brands out there.

But when you have that filter, you are not easily tempted by all that you've just seen on an influencer and 'it looked soo good'.

Style is a muscle and a skill that you can develop:
- create a mood board for you
- analyze your lifestyle, so you know exactly what type of outfits you need for your life
- make a habit of experimenting with your clothes!

Do you want to change that?
Do you want to open your closet and see endless outfit options? Outfits that make you happy and empower you?
How about the confidence that comes with transforming your style?

If you say 'yes', I invite you to join my mini-group Personal Style program - STYLE ACCELERATOR and supercharge your style & wardrobe in 10 weeks: from "nothing to wear & bored with my look" to the confident woman's style & endless outfit options.


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