Does BLACK work for everyone?
I've shared recently on IG another Before & After of one of my amazing clients, and I got a question like this:
It's a good question!

And there are a few points to that:

1. My clients do wear black, but in a much smaller quantity ;)
(if you would go through all my Clients highlights on IG, you will actually see my clients wearing black)

And there is a big reason for why you see less black in their After - once you discover the whole world of color, master combining colors in your outfits and truly understand which colors make you glow, you don't want to go back to wearing just black.

One of my clients coined it in a beautiful comparison:

"Before working with Nina in Style Accelerator, my world was like black & white TV.
Now, after my journey inside SA it's like I've got myself a full screen TV in color.

I'm never going back!!"

Makes sense, right!?)
Most women wear black by default, not by choice because:

- they don't know which colors ever look good on them
- they don't know how to combine colorful clothes (hello, nobody taught us that)
- it's omnipresent, it's just a safe choice, it's a habit... even though it's boring and repetitive..

And most of my clients come with a request to step away from wearing black and other dark shades, because they've been doing that for decades and they don't want that anymore.

So once you equip yourself with this knowledge and develop a real skill around it, it becomes so easy, gratifying and joyful to allow yourself to wear color. And it's actually easier that you think, all my clients master it. And that's exactly why you see less of darker shades in my client's outfits - they can wear anything!

A couple of great examples of my clients rocking black:
2. Black actually doesn't work for a lot of people

The colors that put you in the best light are the ones that are in harmony with your natural beauty. For black, it often means that you shall have pretty high contrast in your complexion, which is a rare case for most people.

This is when black could wash you out (when you see the color, the clothing front and centre and you are lost behind it), and you may wonder why you look few years older (my case when I wear black!)

Does it mean you shall ditch black completely?
No. You can wear it and there are plenty of ways to make ANY color work for you, even if it is not in your palette of your best colors.

Loving these insights?

I shared more about wearing black in this quick IG live yesterday - check it out for more stories, myths and examples around black:
Feeling confident, beautiful and empowered, receiving compliments every day and loving your reflection in the mirror - is what happens when you transform your style and start showing up as the best version of you.

And that's truly possible for every woman

You just need the the right tools, guidance and support for this transformation - that's what you get when you join my high-touch coaching program Style Accelerator.

I'm looking to work with 5 women in September inside Style Accelerator. And that's possibly the last month when you can join this container at the current price.

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And please reach back with any questions, I'm happy to help.

With much love,



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