"BEST investment in myself after university education!"
In this insightful video, Lindsay, a mother of three from Canada, shares her transformative journey with the Style Accelerator program. Struggling with her personal style and self-expression, Lindsay found the Style Accelerator to be the best investment she made in herself since her university education.

Lindsay's journey began with her feeling lost and unsure about her style. She was hesitant about investing in her style, questioning if she truly needed it. However, her frustration with not having a clear direction in her daily dressing routine led her to take the leap.

The Style Accelerator program provided Lindsay with a wealth of knowledge and insights about her personal style. The color module, in particular, was a game-changer for her. It helped her understand the colors that work best for her and how to combine them effectively. This newfound knowledge boosted her confidence, making her feel more beautiful and ready to express that beauty to the world.

The program also helped Lindsay streamline her wardrobe planning, saving her time each morning. She now has a clear direction and resources to refer to when deciding what to wear. This change has not only made her mornings more efficient but also boosted her confidence as she receives compliments on her outfits almost every time she steps out.

Lindsay's journey with the Style Accelerator program has been about more than just style. It has been about self-discovery, self-expression, and building confidence. She now feels more knowledgeable and confident about who she is and how she wants to present herself to the world.

"The module that really had me click into a different way of thinking was the colors module. When that clicked, I felt like, 'Oh, I am already beautiful, and the way I dress can demonstrate that in a more obvious way to the world.'" - Lindsay

"I almost get a compliment every time I go into public on my outfit. When people notice you across a room, a stranger, to tell you that you look really great, that's really confidence-building." - Lindsay

"It's the best money that I've invested in myself since my University education. It's brought me around to viewing myself in a different way, into being more confident in who I am already and showing that to the world." - Lindsay

"Your personal attention to each of your Style Accelerator clients is above and beyond what I expected when I signed up. You really care about each of your clients, and it comes through." - Lindsay

Watch the full video here to learn more about Lindsay's transformational journey with the Style Accelerator program.

Have a look at what she says herself:

Do you want to create your new style, build a functional wardrobe and make it easy and inspiring to get dressed for any occasion?

It's very achievable:

It's about deciding you want it, educating yourself on style (so you know exactly how to put together outfits you like for your body and your life - you don't need to guess every time) and creating a habit and environment around it, so style and putting together outfits is easy for you.

You know that you want it for you because you are here.

You want your outer world to express on the outside the successful confident woman that you are. So you can show up in your business or job and your everyday life powerfully. Radiate confidence for whatever your day brings. Dress up with ease and joy whether it's an important event, a surprise date or a casual meeting with friends.

And this is what I teach inside my signature hight-touch program STYLE ACCELERATOR

It's the unique combination of:

  • The powerful Q&A and coaching calls and robust support directly from me
  • World-class video trainings, templates, and tools to save you countless hours of time and headaches
  • A guided, focused 10-week Implementation program to get you results and tangible changes in your style ASAP
  • The mindset-shifting modules
  • The community of inspiring, ambitious, supportive and kind women who are working on their style & image too

...that makes it the unparalleled experience that already helped so many women from all over the world completely change their reality around style, image and wardrobe.

Apply to learn about the program and watch the training "How to create great & practical style", where you can find out all details and see if it might be the right fit for you:



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