"So happy with my outfits & wardrobe now!"

Meet Anna - smart, ambitious professional woman from Washington DC. Anna is a VP in Recruiting in a startup in New York, she is in her 30-s, married, and has 2 fur babies.

Anna has always loved style and fashion, she already had quite a few cute pieces in her wardrobe, but she applied to work with me inside Style Accelerator for 2 main reasons:

1. She wanted a cohesive wardrobe with most pieces to mix & match.

As she says herself: "I knew how to put together a cute outfit, but I wanted a capsule wardrobe with many cute outfits. I watched every video and read every article out there on capsule wardrobe, but couldn't get there myself, that's why I joined Style Accelerator."

2. After the ankle injury, Anna's body size changed and she wanted to learn how to create flattering outfits for her new body. What used to look good on her didn't apply anymore to her mid-size body (12-14 US), and she needed new strategies for stylish looks.

Overall, she wanted a put together, comfy look and efficient wardrobe as she walks a lot while in New York, she travels often and has a very active lifestyle overall.

Have a look at her Before & After Style Accelerator:
It's all about small details that make a huge difference - Anna now know which colors make her shine, and how to combine colors in a classy way. She is picking different fabrics, pieces and puts together outfits in a new way, which fits & flatters her in a way she loves.

Look at the difference in proportions (how her legs look longer on the right!), the overall body impression (the tight fit on the left shows body as it is), and the accents in the outfits.

One of Anna's big goals was a cohesive wardrdobe with the pieces to mix & match, so it's easy to get dressed for any occasion.

Look at what she says:

Now, Anna can easily put together a capsule for any trip and feel fabulous.

Before joining Style Accelerator, Anna was really wondering if the program can work for her given her different body size than mine, different lifestyle and style preferences.

So listen to what she says about all her experiences and results as she went through the program in her own words:

Do you want to create your new style, build a functional wardrobe and make it easy and inspiring to get dressed for any occasion?

Check out Style Accelerator, my high-touch transformative program, which already helped dozens and dozens of women of all shapes, sizes, heights and from all walks of life transform their style, image and wardrobe for the better.

Style Accelerator is the unique combination of:

  • The powerful Q&A and coaching calls and robust support directly from me to ensure you get personalised support and achieve your goals
  • World-class video trainings, templates, and tools to save you countless hours of time and headaches
  • A guided, focused 10-week Implementation program to get you results and tangible changes in your style ASAP
  • The mindset-shifting modules to make new style & wardrobe sustainable for you
  • The community of inspiring, ambitious, supportive and kind women who are working on their style & image too

Apply to learn about the program and watch the training "How to create great & practical style", where you can find out all details and see if it might be the right fit for you:



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