3 steps to chic & practical style for work & life
without needing to loose weight and shop all the time.

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Want to look as good as you feel inside?
Want your style & wardrobe to match your success?

This is truly possible, but it is not about style hacks or chasing trends, just having your colors done or hiring a stylist to pick some outfits for you. And it's not about needing to loose weight.

You can truly look & feel amazing now, have an image as put together as your life is, and feel confident in your body - you simply need a clear system to follow.

In this training, you'll be able to learn my unique framework, which has helped hundreds of ambitious professional women create chic & practical style for every area of their life - in every shape, size and height.
Who this training is for?
You are a high-achieving professional woman and you are ready for your style to match your success.

You may have recently levelled up in your career, and you want your style and image to reflect this new chapter.

You want style that is elevated, chic and professional, yet practical for your lifestyle and comfortable for everyday busy life.
You want to own the room in the business meeting and wow your partner, feel put together running errands and look stunning and truly yourself at any event.

You are done settling for outfits that belong to another you from the past, you don't want boring and average style, you are ready to shine in every area of your life.

This is truly possible for you, let me show you the steps.

Your Results after the Masterclass:
  • Understand the missing piece of the 'style puzzle'
    Uncover the real reasons why previous attempts to improve your style haven't worked and what to do instead for a real transformation for the long run.
  • Learn the exact steps to create chic & practical style
    Discover how you can create an authentic style, which reflects who you are and also works for every area of your life.
  • Get an insider's look into my unique style framework
    This method has helped hundreds of women in every shape, size & height to elevate their style & image, and you'll learn how you too can use it in creating your next level image & style.

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Meet your Style Coach - Nina Walder
I help high-achieving women like you express on the outside the successful confident woman that you are. To match your success in professional & personal life with how you look on the outside.

With a wealth of experience, I've developed my unique system of style transformation, and I've helped hundreds of ambitious, professional women create their next level image & style.

And I'm honored to show you the path in this Masterclass.

In a nutshell - about Nina:
  • Certified fashion stylist and image-consultant
  • Creator of the acclaimed Style Accelerator program
  • Firm believer that great style is attainable for every woman, irrespective of size, shape, or any other circumstances
  • Entrepreneur with a decade of experience, holder of Bachelor's and Master's in International Business, leveraging the power of style in business every day myself.
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Have a look at my clients' results
after implementing my strategies:

Here's Bharti from the Middle East - she is a mother, a luxury real estate agent, and an amazing woman with active lifestyle. She is very petite and has a large chest.
After years of struggle with her style & dressing her shape, she was able to completely transform her image and dress with ease.

Meet Anna from Washington DC, who is a head of Recruiting in a startup. She always wanted to have an efficient wardrobe which would express her personality with color and would work for all the areas in her life.
After many years of trying to figure it out by herself and little results, she joined Style Accelerator and was able to create a truly inspiring and functional wardrobe.

Meet Analisa from San Francisco, who is a new Mom and a realtor. Her body and lifestyle changed after pregnancy and she needed her style & wardrobe to catch up.

Look at her amazing Before & After's Style Accelerator.

Lindsay is a Mom of 3 little kids from Canada, and she was looking to create more feminine style, which would also be comfy, practical and easy for her active life.