Proven 3-Step System for Corporate Women
to Achieve Polished Professional Style,
Get Dressed in Under 5 Minutes & Feel Fabulous in any season & for any occasion

Create Polished & Practical Professional Wardrobe & Feel Your Most Confident Self with Nina Walder's Exclusive Style System

You are a powerful professional woman, but your wardrobe and style may say otherwise...
- You feel like you do not look the part, and you are often mistaken for junior staff

- Your Wardrobe feels boring and dated, lacking personality and confidence and it is holding you back in your career

- Your style simply doesn't match the image you want to project and doesn't reflect who you are

- You are wasting loads of time and $$$ on clothes every month, but it's all random and doesn't help

- You are frustrated every morning with nothing to wear

But you can have a completely different reality.

This is what you can expect after applying DRESS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS system:
Confident, Chic, Efficient
- Polished Professional Wardrobe, which makes you feel confident, capable and charismatic✨

- Intentional Put Together Image at Work, that aligns perfectly with your career aspirations and goals

- Efficient Modern Wardrobe with MANY outfits for any work occasion

- Strategic Shopping with a precise plan

- Smart collection of the right shoes, bags & accessories to complement your outfits

- Practical Style, which works for you (whether you want or not to wear heels, color...)
Usual price $497.
You get the best offer right now, so join now.
Prices are in USD.

Ready to elevate your career with intetnional style?Your Results after DRESS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS:
  • Get dressed in seconds & feel your most confident self
    You'll know exactly how to put together polished professional outfits on the daily and feel amazing every day at work.
  • Craft an intentional image that aligns perfectly with your career aspirations and goals
    Learn essential styling strategies to create your image with intention. Depending on your goals, you'll know how to look more powerful, competent, charismatic, mature, approachable, distant, etc. and use it to your advantage.
  • Know exactly what to buy for practical modern work wardrobe
    You'll save real $$$ on your wardrobe, avoid dated and boring styles, and pieces that don't work for confident work wardrobe. You'll shop strategically and know exactly what to invest into.
  • Create a wardrobe that radiates confidence, capability, and charisma
    You are getting dressed every day for work anyways, but now you'll know how to use style to your advantage - whether it's putting an outfit for an investors meeting or pitching an idea to your colleagues, meeting clients outside of work or travelling for conference
Usual price $497.
You get the best offer right now, so join now.
Prices are in USD.
Here's how you are going to achieve Polished Work Wardrobe & Outfits in 3 easy steps as soon as beginning of March:
  • -1-
    Set up the Right Style Strategy for Work Wardrobe
    In the course, you'll learn 5 essential style strategies for your wardrobe (color scheme, style enhancers and accessories, professional image strategies). These step-by-step easy strategies & checklist will help you create efficient wardrobe.
  • -2-
    Select the Right Pieces for Efficient Modern Wardrobe
    You'll know exactly how to select the right pieces for your wardrobe for timeless, chic, modern and practical look. You'll stop wasting time and money on random pieces and avoid dated frumpy styles and non-professional pieces.
  • -3-
    Create Hundreds of Work Outfits with Ease
    Use the exact Outfit Formulas for Work to create hundreds of looks, get dressed in seconds in the morning and for any work event, and feel your best confident self. Your style will become so good, you'll feel amazing and the compliments will pour.
Usual price $497.
You get the best offer right now, so join now.
Prices are in USD.
DRESS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS is designed for a modern, busy professional woman:
It is the ultimate program to create polished professional style, which makes you look & feel your most confident self.

  • Get Proven Practical Style Strategies.

    Learn 5 essential style strategies to create a polished professional look every time.
    Forget guesswork and frustration when putting together an outfit, now you'll feel your most confident self in the professional setting.

    Discover invisible scripts behind clothing and create your image with intention - whether you want to look more powerful, competent, charismatic, feminine/masculine, mature, approachable, distant... - you'll know how to do it through style.


  • Set up Your Work Wardrobe for Success.

    Get step-by-step guide on selecting modern polished pieces for effortless and timeless wardrobe & ease of getting dressed.

    You'll stop wasting time & money on random frumpy pieces that don't work for you and instead create put together wardrobe for work with hundreds of outfits, which make you look & feel your most confident self.


    • Bonuses:

      Learn how to accessorize and select the right accessories, shoes and bags for polished professional wardrobe, so you'll never be stuck with a boring 'incomplete' look or not be able to wear an outfit because you are lacking shoes (or something else!)

      ⭐ PRICELESS: Live Coaching & Q&A session with Nina Walder in March (date TBC)

    You get the best offer right now, so join now. Prices are in USD.
    Usually, this type of comprehensive program starts at $497, but I want more women to create powerful and practical professional wardrobe, so this is the very best early bird offer for you.

    And no, you won't find this type of in-depth quality trainings on youtube, socials or chat gpt.

    This training is based on the stylist (Nina Walder) experience helping more than 1000 women of all shapes & sizes elevate their style and create efficient wardrobe.
    Why having having a Strategic Work Wardrobe is key to your
    Career Success:
    ⭐ Strategic Work Wardrobe positions you as an authority, competent and charismatic professional

    ⭐ In the modern fast-paced world, we all judge a book by its cover. Style with intention is your competitive advantage to fast-track your professional success.

    ⭐ It makes you look like the best candidate for promotion, helps you negotiate higher pay and better conditions, because you are seen as a polished premium expert (depending on your job/seniority it could be tens or hundreds of thousands of $$$ of difference)

    ⭐ Helps you look and feel like the best version of you, so you can confidently focus on your work and be seen and heard

    ⭐ Helps you be aligned with who you are and where you are going
    Check out a quick walkthrough of how you can achieve your professional style goals with
    Live Q&A sessions took place earlier this year, but you'll get Replay of these sessions and they are priceless!
    Dress For Business Success is NOT for you, if:
    - You'd refuse to try a strategy because my shape/size/height, etc. is different, I don't have children or 'fill in the blank with your specific circumstance'

    - You are not looking to invest into your wardrobe at all (while we encourage to work with your existent wardrobe, from experience we know that most probably you are missing at least a few key pieces).

    - You need help with creating an everyday wardrobe, not for work. This program focuses specifically on Professional Polished Wardrobe.

    - You want individual support and/or done for you wardrobe (this is a part of the VIP service or
    Style Accelerator)

    Meet your
    Style Coach
    Welcome! I'm Nina Walder, and I'm super excited to guide you on this style journey.

    I work with high-achieving women worldwide, helping them curate functional & authentic style.

    In the past few years, I've helped 1000+ women transform their lives through better style, and I'm happy to share my exact framework of developing a unique personal style & building a functional wardrobe for work with you.

    But before that I was on a decade-long of my own style journey - I definitely wasn't born with an eye for style or understanding how to dress myself. All through my 20-s I struggled with my self-image (being petite & curvy didn't help), was very self-conscious and resorted to shopping therapy every week.
    And it only changed when I decided to take charge of my style.
    And if I could do it, you could too - quicker & easier with my exclusive style system, which is proven and works.

    Let's create your Polished Professional Wardrobe!
    Want style updates?
    Become a VIP for more style tips from your personal stylist Nina Walder
    Have a look at my clients' results
    after implementing my strategies:

    You get the best offer right now, so join now.
    Prices are in USD.
    How will I study in DRESS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS?

    — All curriculum is online, with no physical attendance needed! You can study at your own pace & schedule from anywhere in the world (our clients come from all over the world - US, Canada, UK, Dubai, Netherlands, Germany, Singapore, Australia and other countries).
    The material is presented with highly practical video trainings and downloadable digital workbooks on the private course portal.
    Once you sing up for the program, you will get your login details and will be able to access it any time.
    — What if I'm too busy to do the work?

    — You have a 1 year access to this program, so you don't have to rush - take all the time you need to go through it and refer back to it any time you need. In 1 year you can cover all the four seasons dressing for work, and implement any changes.

    All my clients are busy professional women and entrepreneurs (and let's admit we all live busy lives!), and the program is specifically designed for a busy modern woman: it is highly practical, to the point and easy to follow on your own schedule.

    I know how to look good in a dress & heels, but I want to dress nice & comfy for my every day life at the office/or when I'm travelling for work/ or meeting clients outside. Will this program help with that?

    — Yes! This program doesn't teach a specific style or encourages you to wear only dresses and heels (or any particular piece of clothing for that matter!), it is up to you to decide and develop a style that works for you, however you want it to be. You will learn many different ways to put together a polished professional look with flats and you can adapt it fully for yourself.

    — I'm trying to buy less. Will this program make me want to shop more?

    — Absolutely not! The goal is to teach you the best use of the closet you already own.
    As you go through the trainings, you may discover you already have most of what you need, you just didn't know how to mix and match it in another way.
    However, from experience, we know that you are probably missing a few key pieces and it will make perfect sense to add those. And now you'll know exactly what to buy and how to shop strategically.
    I'm on a weight-loss journey, shall I sign up now or wait?

    — I would highly recommend NOT delaying dressing your best until some uncertain moment in the future, because it's truly possible to have polished professional style in any size or weight.

    Life's happening right now: No matter where you're at in your weight loss journey, you're still getting dressed and showing up in the world every day. Why not make the most of it and learn to dress and show up as your most confident self now!?
    By creating awesome outfits now, you'll feel more powerful and put together every day starting now.
    — Does this work for all shapes and sizes?

    — Absolutely! Size is just a number, and you can have an amazing style regardless of your size, weight, height or any other specifics.

    In the program you will learn essential style principles, which you will be able to apply and adapt to your unique body shape and size. Outfit Formulas for work include plenty of examples on all body shapes & sizes, and we've got clients of all sizes rocking their style using our strategies.
    *** If you are looking to learn specifically how to dress your shape, check out BODY SHAPE MASTERY.
    What's your refund policy?

    — As you get instant access to all materials (after the course start date on March 1st 2024), all sales are final (no refunds are provided).
    I deeply believe in what I teach, and 1000+ of my clients results confirm that it works if you are ready to give it a full go. Watch the trainings, apply it to your wardrobe right away and you will see the results quickly.
      — How much time I would need to dedicate to the course?

      — Each training is around 30 min. on average. It was designed to be super practical, actionable, short and to the point, and you won't learn any unnecessary theory.
      And the goal is that you watch a training and then implement right away what you've just learned. It is then up to you how much time you dedicate to putting together your wardrobe & new outfits.
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