Virtual Style Makeover Show
with Personal Stylist & Style Coach Nina Walder

Join renowned personal stylist and style coach, Nina Walder, as she takes you on a style journey in her new virtual show, "Style Power".

Each episode, Nina will work with a participant to elevate their outfits, providing expert styling advice and sharing her unique insights on anything style, image and personal branding.

"I believe that every woman can look amazing."
It is NOT a matter of a 'perfect' body or looks, or buying latest fashion, but about knowing how to use style to create outfits that work for you and make you happy.

My clients experience real transformation on the outside & inside through the laser-focused personalized guidance and coaching.

Now, I want to help more women experience this, so I invite you to apply to the STYLE POWER virtual makeover show.

In the session, you'll get expert advice on your style challenges. You'll walk away with the knowledge and tools to conquer them and take one more step in building the style you desire.
Episode 1 - From frumpy & not knowing how to dress postpartum to chic & cute outfits

Do you struggle with creating casual, yet chic & polished outfits? It is very common! Most of us know how to look great wearing heels and dresses or formal wear.... but when it comes to casual looks, we are at a loss.

Meet Ayesha - a new mom, who wanted to bring her casual looks from frumpy to put together, and not to accentuate her tummy area. In this new episode of STYLE POWER Show, I offered her several easy tips & strategies, which allowed her to instantly elevate her outfits.

Check out the full session below to learn and apply these tips yourself.

About STYLE POWER show
    The show is fully virtual, it will be a 15-25 min. individual online video session with Nina, where she will provide powerful, laser-focused coaching tailored to your unique style needs and challenges. The session will be published on Youtube.

    Nina will answer your general questions in relation to improving your style, image and wardrobe, and provide personalized expert styling advice to you.
    For the most efficient session, you need to submit 3-5 outfit photos, and prepare your questions.

    For the virtual session, you need fast and stable Internet connection, to appear on camera in a quiet environment on the scheduled time.
    Check out all guidelines below.

    This show is for women of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world.

    To apply, simply fill out the form below and attach your outfit photos. Selected participants will be contacted for a chance to join "Style Power with Nina Walder."
Conditions for participation:
To ensure the best possible experience for both the participants and the viewers, we have a few conditions for taking part in the "Style Power with Nina Walder".


  • Submit outfit photos according to the specified format (see the guidelines and example below).
  • Prepare your questions for the session.
  • During the session, you can ask me, your personal stylist, absolutely anything (ie, how to elevate certain outfits (based on provided outfit pictures), how to put together an outfit for a specific occasion, how to improve your image on camera given your business goals, etc.) But the best questions (and answers!) are highly personalised.
  • There is a big difference between asking - "What's the best silhouette for pear-shaped body" VS "Please see my outfits here, this is how I usually dress and what I like and don't like, this is my height and shape, so what could be improved here" (now, we are talking!)


  • Have a fast and stable internet connection for the video call.
  • Choose a quiet space with a good quality microphone for clear audio during the call.
  • Maintain a clean and well-lit background during the call.
  • Be prepared to appear on camera and talk openly about your background and style challenges.

  • Understand that the show will be public and available on the internet. By submitting your application, you agree to be visible online and give us the right to use your image and voice in the show.
  • Once you apply, Nina will be going through each application and if you are selected, you will get an email with further steps.

  • If selected, choose from the available time slots for the call and commit to appearing on time without interruptions.
To participate in the show, you need to submit three to five outfit pictures to discuss specific details about improving outfits and elevating the style.

Please prepare the pictures of your outfits on the same page (the best is to use Google drive or Canva slides)

Make sure that the outfit is clearly visible on the picture. See next a good example.

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Have a look at my clients' results
after implementing my strategies:

Here's Bharti from the Middle East - she is a mother, a teacher, and an amazing woman with active lifestyle. She is very petite and has a large chest.
After years of struggle with her style & dressing her shape, she was able to completely transform her image and dress with ease.

Meet Anna from Washington DC, who is a head of Recruiting in a startup. She always wanted to have an efficient wardrobe which would express her personality with color and would work for all the areas in her life.
After many years of trying to figure it out by herself and little results, she joined Style Accelerator and was able to create a truly inspiring and functional wardrobe.

Meet Analisa from San Francisco, who is a new Mom and a realtor. Her body and lifestyle changed after pregnancy and she needed her style & wardrobe to catch up.

Look at her amazing Before & After's Style Accelerator.

Lindsay is a Mom of 3 little kids from Canada, and she was looking to create more feminine style, which would also be comfy, practical and easy for her active life.