Create Feminine Classy Style for Dating & Every Day
and Feel Confident & Attractive

Do you want to feel attractive and wow your date?

Do you want to feel truly cherished and admired by your partner, whether you've just met or you've been together for years?

Do you want to feel confident in your own body every day & highlight your natural beauty?


When you love your reflection in the mirror...
When you feel truly in your feminine essence...
When you are happy in your own skin...

You become MAGNETIC.

You attract the right partner into your life or wow the one you have, new exciting opportunities come up and life feels delicious.

You radiate charisma, confidence and class.
And you are on the path to realize your wildest dreams.

This is what Feminine Classy Style can help you achieve already in the next 30 days.
Ultimate Step-by-Step Course to
Create Feminine Classy & Comfy Style for Dating & Every Day
and Feel Confident, Attractive & Magnetic
By the end of MAGNETIC you will
  • Feel Confident, Attractive and Magnetic in your own skin

    Your style & wardrobe will become a source of joy, confidence and power for you - whether you are dressing up for an important work event, a date or casual errands, you'll look put together every time.

    Radiate authenticity and attract genuine connection.

    Feel seen and valued

    You will discover exact styles that enhance your figure and highlight your best features.

  • Create Classy Feminine Outfits,
    which are also Comfy & Practical
    using Outfit Formulas for any occasion - wether running errands, going on a date
    You will create stylish practical outfits in minutes, so you can spend time on what's important - be it family, work or anything else.
  • Save Money & Time Upgrading your Wardrobe with Feminine Pieces
    You'll get stylist selection of feminine pieces...
    Say good-bye to guesswork
    no more frumpy or boring pieces
    No more wasting time on constant shopping with no results & random clothes that don't make you happy.
  • Know how to Create Authentic, Magnetic Photos for a Dating Profile or Romantic/Family Photoshoot
    You will discover exact styles that enhance your figure and highlight your best features.
    You will look and feel your best whether speaking on stage or meeting clients in

Your Magnetic Style Awaits.
See Real Results from Women Like You:
Begin the Journey to Magnetic Feminine You Today.
Join Magnetic:
  • Ultimate Step-by-Step Course:
    Transform Your Style: Learn to create feminine, classy, and comfy outfits tailored specifically for dating and everyday life.
    Outfit Formulas for Every Occasion: Master the art of assembling stylish, practical outfits quickly for any situation, be it casual errands, dates, or important events.
    VALUE = $1200
    from Personal Stylist Nina Walder:
    Live Q&A Session: Get personalized advice and answers to your style questions.
    Outfit Reviews: Submit your photos and receive detailed feedback and suggestions to ensure you look and feel your best.
    VALUE = $500
    Shoppable Stylist Selection of Feminine Pieces + Elegant Comfy Shoes:
    Curated Stylist Selections: Access a handpicked selection of feminine pieces that enhance your figure and highlight your best features, eliminating the guesswork from shopping.
    VALUE = $500

Special Early Bird Price ($300 off) is only till August, 10th

Feminine Classy Style can be both comfy AND chic. Not boring or frumpy or too revealing.

Your daily style - whether running errands, working from home/office or lounging on weekend - can be elegant & practical.

You don't have to wear heels, skirts, ruffles, dresses and pinks unless you want to.

Let me show you the way in MAGNETIC.

Proven Style Framework By Nina Walder:

Welcome! I'm Nina Walder, and I'm super excited to guide you on this style journey.

I work with high-achieving women worldwide, helping them curate chic & practical style for every area of their live.

  • In the past few years, I've helped 1000+ women inside my programs transform their style & image, and I'm happy to share my exact framework of developing a unique personal style & building a functional wardrobe for work with you.

After MAGNETIC Masterclass you'll get these results:

  • Know how to make ANY outfit more feminine without wearing ruffles, florals, heels, skirts or pinks (unless you want to!)

  • Create 100-s of Feminine Looks for

How It Works
Immediate access to the course on the private platform
Once you purchase the course, you will get immediate access to it and can start learning and creating new outfits right away.
One year access to the course and all materials
Even on the most busy schedule with travels, you'll be able to go through each training & create outfits for every season.
Study at your own pace, anytime from anywhere
This is a self-study and self-paced course for the busy modern woman. You can learn and access it anytime from anywhere, you just need internet connection.
Want style updates?
Become a VIP for more style tips from your personal stylist Nina Walder
Your Magnetic Style Awaits.
See Real Results from Women Like You:
Special Early Bird Price ($300 off) is only till August, 10th
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