"5 steps to great personal style"
Learn the exact steps to make your style & wardrobe work for you and make you happy
- no matter your body size & shape, where you live & where you shop

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when the next one is available

What you'll learn in this style workshop:
Top 5 most important steps to develop a great personal style
It's easy to think that style is just about pretty clothes, but how do you make it work exactly? Well, you will learn the essential steps to do that - I will share my exact framework with you after helping 100-s women worldwide upgrading their style.
3 major mistakes that are holding you back
Do you shop all the time, but wear only a tiny % of what you own and have always 'nothing to wear'? Don't worry, now you'll know how to change that!
Myths you need to stop believing and what to do instead
If you feel that you need to loose weight/change jobs/[insert anything] in order to look stylish, it isn't true. You will feel empowered with the knowledge you'll get in this workshop.

Feedback from those who attended
the workshop in the past:
Meet your coach and personal stylist - Nina Walder
I'm super excited to guide you on this style journey.

As a personal stylist and creator of online Style Accelerator, I've helped hundreds of women transform their lives through better style. It is my true passion to help women look and feel their absolute best.

And I'm happy to share my exact framework of developing a unique personal style with you.

See you inside!

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